Online/visio coaching

  • Would you like to learn from home?
  • You don't have time to move around?
  • You are available only in specific time slots to work on yourself?
  • You have the opportunity to isolate for 60 to 90 minutes?
  • If you have answered "YES" at least to one of these questions, you are ready to start online coaching.

If you have answered "YES" at least once to one of these answers, you are ready to start online coaching.

Simple and effective, online coaching allows you to learn by developing all your abilities according to your goal and objectives.

Discover My-Icoach, the new innovative online coaching platform that allows you to meet hundreds of professional coaches, sorted according to their expertise.

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News: The COVID19 and the period of confinement resulted in a lot of isolation with very little physical coaching. Consequently, a lot of institutions have organised themselves to offer online sessions, which has proved efficient and has been a real opportunity for both coaches and coachees to continue their valuable work.