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  • In particular, you agree to create only one user account per coach. A company making coaches available to other clients will not be able to register on the platform.
  • You declare that you are of age, you agree not to promote illegal practices, racist.....
  • You certify that you are a professional coach (VAT traceable) or that you have a training certifying your expertise (also traceable). My-Icoach reserves the right to request proof from the coachee and/or to go and seek public information on its own. If the coach cannot prove his or her certification/recognised training, My-Icoach can deactivate you from the platform without reimbursement of the subscription fee.
  • When My-Icoach asks you for proof of your certification, you have 15 days to return a copy of the proof of your certification/training by email.
  • No evaluation is required at the moment as the choice of a coach is personal. If, however, following a coaching session, you have had an experience that does not respect the ethical charter, do not hesitate to send an email to

The purpose of this website is to put coaches and coachees in touch with each other.

This website asks you to be kind to the individuals you come into contact with and also to the people working on the site. One of the principles of coaching is respect. No disrespectful messages will be tolerated.

This website is not responsible for the content that some users may decide to post.

This site is by no means a dating site or a social network.

Coaching remains confidential.

The purpose of this website is to increase the visibility of coaches, to provide an opportunity for coaches to be able to coach from abroad in their mother tongue, to be able to explore other types of coaching. To enable users to find the right coach to achieve their goals.

The use of the website and its services is open to anyone who has reached the age of 18. If you have not reached the age of 18. If you have not reached the age of 18 and wish to find a school coach, your parents must register for you. It is your parents who will be the first contact with the coach.

Users can create a profile for themselves by completing the registration process. During this registration process, the user must provide accurate and up-to-date factual information. The user guarantees to immediately notify the website of any changes in the situation, if necessary by changing the user's personal space. By completing the registration process, the user allows the website to use the intellectual property rights provided by the user to the website. This licence specifically includes the website's right to duplicate, display, adapt, translate, scan, deploy for advertising purposes, commercially and non-commercially, by sub-licence or transfer of content relating to the profile.

The user is not allowed to create a profile for a third party, transfer or use the profile of a third party. If for any reason the user's data is no longer correct or incomplete, the user is obliged to change the data so that it is kept up to date. If the user provides incorrect or incomplete data about himself or herself and MyI notices the inaccuracy of this data, MyI may suspend or terminate the user's account.

It is the responsibility of the user to keep his/her user name and password secret. Only the user is responsible for the use of his or her account by a third party, regardless of how access to the account was obtained. In the event of suspicion of abuse of the account, the user of MyI will be notified immediately.

MyI cannot be held liable for the improper use of the account by a user or a third party.

Providing unauthorised access to this site is punishable. If there is a suspicion of abuse, MyI reserves the right to make a fraudulent report.

It is forbidden to copy, duplicate or use any content linked to the other profiles for any use other than personal and private.

It is prohibited to comment on or distribute content that violates the rights of other users. It is also forbidden to publish content that is defamatory, offensive, obscene, violent, that could trigger political or racist violence. It is forbidden to post content that goes against the objectives of the website, against the laws in force, rules and standards. It is not compatible with the discipline of coaching, one of the values of which is ethics, respect and confidentiality on both sides. The site will NOT allow ANY deviation. In case of abuse, the user's account will be directly cancelled without refund.

It is forbidden to use the website for illegal purposes, to commit a criminal offence and/or an act that does not comply with the applicable standards and values. This includes, among others, the following actions: Violation of the property rights of a third party (including but not limited to : copyright, intellectual property rights, rights under European Directive 96/9 on the legal protection of databases, patent rights, design rights, theft), illegal distribution of confidential and/or private information is punishable; the illegal distribution of texts and/or audiovisual material including racist, child pornography, criminal, offensive, mail bombing, computer hacking ("hacking") via the website is strictly forbidden; the destruction, damage or deactivation of other people's computerised work systems is strictly forbidden; providing access using false keys, false codes and false capacities is strictly forbidden.

MyI is not responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness of the profiles and their updates. The content reflects the opinion of the user. Again, one of the values of coaching is ethics. Under no circumstances can MyI be held liable for direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of the site. Furthermore, MyI declines all liability to the extent permitted by law, irrespective of the nature of the action, for the actions or negligence of other users.

MyI is not responsible for profiles that violate the law. MyI does not have the means to constantly check the content of each profile. In the event of a presumption of violation, MyI will be informed immediately. MyI will do its utmost to prevent the repetition of a possible violation and, if necessary, delete the account of the responsible user.

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Agreements with third parties include the placement of cookies on the website. However, MyI does not fully control the use of cookies by third parties.

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The website records visitor data in order to measure the interest shown by visitors to the various pages of the site. As a result, the layout of the website can be adapted to optimise the experience of visitors to the site.

MyI uses Google Analytics to monitor visitor activity on the website.

Security and protection

MyI takes security measures to limit abuse and unauthorised access to personal data. In particular, MyI takes the following measures:

  • Access to personal data is protected by a username and password.
  • Once the data has been received, it is stored in an independent and secure system.
  • MyI takes physical measures to protect the personal data storage system.
  • MyI uses secure connections (Secure Sockets Layer or SSL) which protects all information exchanged between the website and the user, including personal data.
  • MyI keeps a record of the requests and information exchanged with the website, including personal data.