About us?

Launched in November 2020, My-Icoach is a digital platform bringing coaches and coachees together.

Are you looking for a coach? My-Icoach enables you to find the coach you need to support you in your personal or professional development. Only your e-mail address will be required to access the platform and start browsing the profiles of professionals. Registration is free.

Are you a coach? My-Icoach allows you to increase your visibility and broaden the number and profile of your coachees. Don't hesitate to register now on our platform, subscription is free for the 3 first months. We work on a subscription basis and do not take any commission on your coaching sessions. The price of the sessions are established by each coach and agreed between the coach and the coachee. Payments are made outside the platform.

The platform allows you to search and match based on language, type of coaching, country or region (e.g. if you want face-to-face coaching).

Are you a professional in life coaching? Career coaching? A Nutritionist? A coach in Sport? An image Coach? A parental Coach? An Expat Coach? Don't wait any longer! Let’s create together the largest community of coaches without country borders.



How was My-Icoach, the reference platform for coaches, created?

HR Manager, in 2019, I undertook a certification training to become a coach. I then realised how little visibility coaches have and how difficult it is for coaches to find clients and for someone looking for a coach to find the right person to support her/him in her/his personal or professional development. The idea was launched...

It was during the lockdown in Spring 2020, due to the COVID19 crisis, that the idea matured.

The isolation, the accumulation of overtime in teleworking, the multiple online meetings, the difficulty in maintaining a positive relationship with my dyspraxic kid whose care was stopped... Confinement was a difficult time for me but I was lucky enough to benefit from coaching sessions. I also continued, during that time, to coach other people.

Coaching is the choice, to decide or not to decide, to act or not to act. Coaching is a powerful tool, which allows us to find solutions for specific needs and to move forward.  

This is when I decided to take the plunge and to make this platform a reality. A platform that highlights the value of coaching and coaches, giving a unique opportunity to find a coach and be coached in one's mother tongue, online or face-to-face. Everyone can find their way, according to their needs and choose the most appropriate coach.

Fear of the unknown, doubt, stress, discourage but also pride and excitement, all these emotions accompanied me during the creation of this platform, which probably represents the greatest professional challenge of my life.

Today, I am proud to be able to share it with you!